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As a low-bono attorney, I do have fees arranged on a sliding scale. The average cost of legal services in the Twin Cities is $300 an hour. If you are making less than 300% of the Federal Poverty Level, (currently $36, 420 annually) call me for an hourly pricing fee.
I do offer flat fees for Estate Planning and Criminal cases. I may also offer flat fees in other limited circumstances.
Unbundled services can include a limited representation, case consultation, assistance and advice with case planning and preparation or legal research
60% of people earn too much to qualify for legal aid and too little to hire private law firms. They either represent themselves in court or end up not going. People in the top 20% of the income spectrum are able to hire private law firms. People at the bottom 20% of the income spectrum are often eligible for legal aid and pro bono (free) assistance.
Let’s talk about it! The Minnesota Law Library offers some good resources. https://mn.gov/law-library/ So do the Minnesota Courts. http://www.mncourts.gov/Help-Topics.aspx
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