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“In closing - I feel like I haven't said this recently, so I want to make sure to communicate that I appreciate your belief, consideration, and encouragement SO MUCH. I know I'm paying you(a bit) and all..... but I truly feel like you want to See me, and understand, and that means a lot to me.”– C.
"You don’t even know what your help means to me!" – C.
"Thanks so much for speaking with me. You gave me such peace of mind, and I’m so happy to have found such an amazing attorney! Looking forward to working with you to resolve this matter, and taking back control of my life!" – C.
"I appreciate your timely updates."– L.W.
"WOW, you are AMAZING and the best gift I could have received on behalf and in regards to the subject matter at hand. I mean, this email just lifted my spirits 10 fold because what you provided is exactly what I been working so hard to get my former counsel was unwilling to provide to provide this type of support so I had no choice but to branch out on my own. Yes, I agree 100%. I drafted this in two days I really didn’t proof read and I knew it was still in editing a Work-in-Progress per se, BUT what you did was exactly what I needed before round two in my drafting. Kathleen, I cannot express in words my gratitude what you did here for me. It means SO much and will have such a positive effect on me. Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to thoroughly look this over and provide meaningful and productive feedback. You are the first to help me out in that big of a way. You’re a godsend and I am thankful for this opportunity. You got me in tears to be frank and also for the first time feeling good about myself so I think today is going to be a good day for me. The impact you have made on me this early in the day is a blessing, again, much gratitude, I’m so excited to I have let my nerves calm before I get back into its how happy I am. God Bless you for providing this gift to me, you have mastered your profession in my eyes. Gratitude." – N.N.

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